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Solid Surface Aftercare & Consumer Maintenance

This section caters to consumers and users of Solid Surface products including all makes of worktops, splash-backs and shower wall panels.

The range of after care products is carefully selected to offer outstanding results and exceptional value.

All Minerelle products are extensively tried, tested and proven in their use for maintaining the look and finish of solid surface work-tops, upstands, splash-backs and shower wall panels irrespective of whether this is Minerelle or any other solid surface brand.

Solid Surface Maintenace Kit

Solid surfaces create a luxurious quality finish and are designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use.

When installed, they should have a satin sheen finish which improves over time with regular use and care.

We recommend the use of this solid surface consumer care kit as an essential item to maintain the surfaces as newly installed.

The solid surface polish and finishing spray, will prevent stains and marks that occur during everday use and and normal cleaning will only require a damp cloth.

In the event that a stain is stubborn to remove the Scotchbrite® pad can be used with soapy water.

This solid surface maintenance and care kit contains a 500ml bottle of Finishing Spray, Scotchbrite® "scuff sponge", 2 microfibre cloths and care instructions for Solid Surfaces.

Please note:-

Worktop Wizard® is a direct substitute and equivalent finishing polish for Minerelle® Finishing Spray


Solid Surface Worktop Polish

Regular use makes routine cleaning easier, by allowing you to wipe the surfaces with nothing more than a damp cloth.

This solid surface spray polish leaves a clear protective shield that repels dirt and liquids to prevent everyday stains such as tea, coffee, wine, curry etc. from adhering to the surface.

Worktop Wizard has been refined to give excellent gloss retention and sheen with easy streak free application.

This is a great value alternative to other solid surface polish sprays and does not contain the flammable propellant component in aerosols which accounts for around 40% of the contents.

Contents:- 500ml bottle of Finishing Spray + 1 Ultra absorbent micro-fibre cloth. Price -£14.95

Special Offer:- Buy 2 save 15%

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Ultra-absorbent microfibre cloths

These high quality colths are thicker heavy duty cloths and not available from your local supermarket.

The "10 pack" is a fantastic buy representing amazing value.

Buy your Ultra absorbent microfibre cloths securely online here - with no added charges!

Use in conjunction with Worktop Wizard Finishing Spray to obtain that streak-free satin sheen finish.

Great for all other cleaning uses around the home and ideal to keep in the car to wipe over all plastic and glass surfaces.

Starting at £5.00 for a pack of three, these ultra- absorbent cloths represent excellent value for money.

Why not try a pack - you’ll be amazed at how good they really are!

Minerelle and Solid Surface Maintenace Kit